This blog is about climat change, global blog-2018warming and climate/meteorological measurements. Maintainer is Francis Massen (francis.massen@education.lu), a physicist by education, who manages and operates the meteo/climate station http://meteo.lcd.lu of the Lycée Classique de Diekirch in Luxembourg, Europe.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Jim West Says:

    Francis Massen,

    While reading this page online

    Your team wrote:
    “For the moment, we will not speculate on the fact that a high UVB and temperature situation seems to correspond to low k values.”

    Please, what are your further thoughts on this?

    • fmassen Says:

      Jim, this is a very old paper: a rather quick and dirty analysis showed that the constant k defined in [O3] = k*[NO2]/[NO] has been found lower under high UVB and high temperature conditions (compared to lower UVB and temperature conditions showing higher values for k). I did not make a more thorough follow-up study, so I have no new insights on this… regrettably. One possible explanation would be this: higher temperatures usually go together with fair weather, and so also higher UVB irradiances (I think both are not statistically independent, even if there is no physical relationship besides higher cloud cover during bad weather conditions –> lower UVB’s). Fair weather and high temperatures mean a more strong mixing up of the boundary layer through convection –> less NO –> more O3 –> k is smaller if percentage increase in [O3] lower than percentage idecrease in [NO]. I am not very proud of this explanation. If you have the time, fetch the meteoLCD data and make a more profound investigation on this.

  2. Jim West Says:

    If the three compounds are always thoroughly mixed than k would be independent of wind dir and speed, I assume. Do you think wind dir and speed would be worthwhile to study, regarding k anomalies?

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