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German subsidies: EEG 17 billion, research/education 13.7 billion !

October 26, 2013

The 44/3 edition of  europhysicsnews, the journal of the European Physical Society, contains an interesting comment by its former president Fritz Wagner titled “The pitfalls of time derivatives”. You may read it here (highlights by me).

The author writes that last year (2012) the total subsidies for the Energiewende were 17 billion Euros (17*10**9, billion always used in the US tradition), to be compared to the 13.7 billion of the federal science and education budget!

The Bundesministerium f. Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit gives more recent and higher numbers in his latest brochure: the total EEG costs are about 20.4 billion Euros in 2013 and will rise to 23.6 billion in 2014 !

Being a fusion researcher, F. Wagner belongs to a category of German scientists I wish good courage to stem the tide of the hysterical “anti-atomism” embraced by the large majority of the German  media and politicians. The last sentence of his opinion-paper reminds us that the electricity production of Norway, Sweden and France is essentially CO2 free, a fact not welcome in his country!

Read also on this subject an interview (in German) with Dr. Günther Keil, president of the “Deutscher Arbeitsgeberverband”: “Nur Dilettanten beschließen Maßnahmen, deren logische negative Auswirkungen sie nicht sehen können.”