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Die kalte Sonne

February 13, 2012

I am half through reading this book that blazes like a cannon-ball through the politically correct German green crowds.

Fritz Vahrenholt (Dr. chim) and Sebastian Lüning (Dr. geol) have written a book that is easy to read,  has clear and well designed graphs and includes 4 chapters by well known researchers (Shaviv, Scafetta, Svensmark and Weber).  Someone following the climate debate won’t learn anything really new, but the book is nevertheless a very needed  compilation of what is known by the climate-realists and hidden by the alarmists. The Leitmotiv is that the changes (or stand-stills) we have been observing are more caused by natural oscillations of the climate system and its drivers, like the PDO, AMO and all the solar cycles. It is not tender with the IPCC and its alarmist prophets like the PKI folks, and rightly so.

What hurts the German Greens is that Fritz Vahrenholt is  (was) one of them, having been an “Umweltsenator”,  a CEO for renewable energy and for a company involved in wind energy. So the attacks come from all sides, and they get very nasty (see here).

This book comes at the right moment, and my guess is that its impact will be huge. It should be mandatory reading for all those who have swallowed the IPCC preaching during the last years without questioning. Hopefully an English version will soon be made.

Now as we see the tide turning on climate panic, it will be interesting to see who of the alarmist will be the first to change side, and what will be their arguments for keeping the huge subsidies they were so comfortable with.