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Le mythe CO2

May 15, 2009


I started reading this book (in French) a couple of days ago. C. Gerondeau is a polytechnician, i.e. a laureat from the Ecole Polytechnique, one of the most prestigious French university level institutions. He writes in a crystal clear manner that all fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) that still are buried in the ground will be used, and that local or regional mitigation exercices are  futile. CO2 levels will go up (he speculates they will double) and reach a plateau when all fossil fuels are exhausted (certainly before 2010 2100). This is not seen as a catastrophe:  the consequences of higher CO2 levels will be benign, and human ingenuity will find Ersatz-products for the fossil fuels.
The book makes for a very easy reading, because all sentences are logically structured, reasoning is clear and precise, and again and again it is shown that the alarmism/catatastrophism/climatism often show poor scientific understanding but strong political or environmental ambitions.

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23 June 2010:

The book can now be found in an English translation: Climate: The Great Delusion