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Decarbonized France

November 10, 2017

The German Nuclear-Angst does regularly ignore the real de-carbonization of electrical power that France has managed to achieve. Look at the figure from RTE, giving the different parts in the French electricity generation of 2016:

So 91% of the French electricity had been carbon-free in 2016.

Now look at Germany, the poster-child in climate-scare and “Energiewende”:

Carbon-free German electricity is just 42.6% in 2016, after 27 years of “Energiewende” (and a cost of ~150 billion Euro from 2000 to 2016, and a total estimated cost of 520 billion Euro up to 2025):

So if you assume that the world really has to be de-carbonized as fast as possible, what technology would you choose for your electricity production?