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The winters they are cooling!

November 25, 2013

The EU wants to spend 20% of its budget to avoid “dangerous global warming” (now called “climate change”), but it seems unaware that winters in the EU zone are steadily cooling since quite a long time. I pointed to our meteoLCD data showing this trend for a couple of years, and our latest trend graph for the period 1992 to 2012 showed this:


The overall trend for Diekirch is -0.42 °C/decade (that of our national meteo station at Findel airport even -0.67 °/dec).  Ed Caryl has a comment at the Notrickszone blog of Pierre Gosselin, where he examines winter trends from the GISS data. The global figure shows this:


Luxembourg belongs to the light-blue region, which means that the trend for the 1995-2012 period of 18 years is between -0.5 and -1.0 °C, which gives a decadal trend of -0.28 to -0.56 °C/dec (with a mean value of -0.42 °C/decade, really close to the meteoLCD trend).
The analysis of the Diekirch data shows that the winter temperatures correlate very well with the NAO index of the December to March months. The coming years will tell us if this not so surprising correlation remains stable.

I wonder that absolutely NONE of our climate anxious politicians and NGO’s seems to recognize this situation, which is an observable fact and not a prediction of some climate models ensemble. Colder winter will be problematic, as they stress the energy needs for heating, and collide with the ambition to continuously lower energy usage.

The Austrian meteorologist Dominik Jung found the same winter cooling throughout the Alps, which should comfort the managers of the various sky resorts who have been continuously told by the climate alarmists that sky resorts have no future due to climate warming.