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Copernicus on Earth: Ecem Demonstrator

July 27, 2017



There is an EU research project called “Copernicus Europe’s Eyes on Earth”, for studying climate and (renewable) energy relevant problems.

At the last ICEM conference organized by WEMC (World Energy and Meteorology Council) the University of Reading presented a very interesting web site called the ECEM Demonstrator. This interactive web site allows to obtain really fast graphs of many climate and renewable energy related variables. One has simply to fill out some information windows to get the result in graphical form.

The following figures shows the input window to get global solar irradiance data for Luxembourg:

Clicking new graph gives the result:

This graph can be zoomed into, cropped etc…

Let us just compare the ECEM yearly data from 2002 to 2016 with those measured at meteoLCD (and given in our Trends page):

Our meteoLCD masurements are very close to the ECEM data, and both show a similar strong decline since 2002, caused by the exceptional heat-wave year 2003.

If  we start the series at 2004, there still is a general negative trend, but it is much smaller: -1.5 for ECEM and -1.8 for the meteoLCD observations.

The ECEM Demonstrator is a very handy tool for an easy and quick check, and I strongly suggest that you try it out.