Plume Labs Flow sensor… first impressions.

I just received Plume Labs FLOW portable air quality sensor, which measures PM2.5, PM10, NO2 and VOC’s. An IOS or Android app is used to read out the measurements on a smart-phone or tablet, which are given as a Plume Labs specific AQI.

The definition of the Plumelabs AQI’s is hidden in deep mystery: writing that it is based on WHO guidelines, EPA and EU AQI’s does not add to the clarity, as all these AQI’s have different thresholds to define the different ranges (you might read my blog about “AQI air quality confusion: So it would be nice to get the concentrations of the different pollutants (e.g. [NO2] in ug/m3) as well as the relevant AQI’s.

A quick first check at home shows an impossible high NO2 AQI, but let’s wait for a week as the “AI” firmware (hm!!!) seems to need some deep learning….

Another unrelated question which waits for an answer: is it possible to log the readings into a data-file?


My first impression: nice design, but I hold back my judgment …Is the Flow more than a gimmick riding the air quality trend?



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