Stop this energy transition!

Laurent Alexandre, a well known urologist and company founder (former director of Doctissimo) has a very interesting and clear article in the French weekly L’Express, one of the oldest and most read French news weeklies. L’Express usually is left and green leaning, so this article (“Arrêtons cette transition énergétique“) which speaks clearly against the official French energy politics is remarkable.

L. Alexandre writes that the ecologists work (often through ignorance) to increase CO2 and fine particle emissions. The French greens, as most of their European partners and the multi-billion lobby Greenpeace, are strongly anti-nuclear, and stubbornly ignore that France is a world-champion in low-CO2 electricity production. The following picture from shows the live CO2 intensity of electricity production for a large part of the EU (the picture corresponds to 23 Sep. 2018, 11:300 UTC):


Clearly France with its more than 75% nuclear electricity is the winner, by a very large margin. The 32 g must be compared to the “über-grün” Germany situation of 339 g. Germany’s part of renewables is 42%, France’s is 27%. Germany has a breathtaking 105000 MW wind and solar installed capacity, France’s nuclear capacity is only 63000 MW.  This much lower nuclear capacity produces 400 TWh CO2 free and reliable electricity a year, whereas Germany’s 167% higher renewables (at a cost > 200 billion €) do not generate more than 140 TWh intermittent energy a year.

Alexandre has this biting sentence: “L’affreuse réalité, c’est que, aujourd’hui encore, les énergies intermittentes ne sont vertes que quelques heures par jour et sont indirectement des énergies noires la plupart du temps..” which translates into “the frightful reality is that today the intermittent energy sources are green only for a couple of hours per day, and indirectly black for most of the time..”

An he concludes by “Vous serez fascinés par notre bêtise collective… alimentée par une stratégie de communication mali(g)ne des industriels “verts”. Les ayatollahs verts veulent nous amener dans l’impasse allemande…” (you should be fascinated by our collective imbecility…which is fostered by the evil communication of the green industrial lobby. The green ayatollahs would like to push us into the German dead-end…”).

Is this comment published in the Express a sign that some EU media do not sheepishly echo anymore anything written in green?


h.t. to René T. for pointing me to this article.


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