The small print


The GWPF (the Global Warming Policy Foundation) has a very interesting new report (they call it a “briefing”) answering a report by the Royal Society on climate change (A short guide to climate science). The RS report falls squarely into the usual “consensus” category, and suggest the human driver (and guilt) behind nearly all changes observed.
The list of contributors to the “Small Print” paper is impressive:

Prof Robert Carter
Prof Vincent Courtillot
Prof Freeman Dyson
Prof Christopher Essex
Dr Indur Goklany
Prof Will Happer
Prof Richard Lindzen
Prof Ross McKitrick
Prof Ian Plimer
Dr Matt Ridley
Sir Alan Rudge
Prof Nir Shaviv
Prof Fritz Vahrenholt

So this briefing should not simply be brushed away, but makes a careful reading mandatory. The style is easy, giving clear and no-frills answers titled “The fuller picture” to 20 important questions (the questions that are always asked…).

For instance, the Royal Society is impervious to the failing of climate models during the last 15-18 years. The”Small Print” briefing correctly explains that “The Royal Society guide claims that models fail to explain recent warming unless they incorporate anthropogenic forcing. This assertion depends on the readily falsifiable claim that models correctly replicate natural variability. Models fail on natural variability, therefore the Royal Society’s claim fails in the real world”.

Now that the preparations for the Paris climate conference are slowly coming into steam, everybody should ask the politicians and green climate warriors what they know about natural climate swings… A good question would be “if you are so ignorant about natural causes for climate change, how can you plan horribly expensive policies to mitigate a natural behavior, instead of planning adaptive measures when and where they are needed”.

Please read this briefing!

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