Latest numbers on Germany’s rush into coal and gas


The BNA (Bundesnetzagentur) has just updated two Excel spreadsheets with the lists of all German power stations (>10 MW) and with the planned additional capacities to go on and off grid between 2013 and 2015.


This is the balance between the capacities to be removed and those to be added: Germany will add at least 7.5 GW fossil power generation (I left out some multiple purpose plants) running on gas and coal; the increase in coal (Steinkohle) burning power stations is ~6.4 GW!
In my blog from September 2012 the balance in planned additional fossil power was 6.4 GW, so the new plans show an increase of more than 1 GW.
If we admit a very conservative capacity factor of 0.8, and  emissions of 450 g CO2/kWh for gas and 800 g/kWh for coal, the increase in yearly CO2 emissions will be 38.1 million tons of CO2 (metric tons) or 10.4 million tons of carbon ! Not bad for a country that started its “Energiewende” to save the planet from CO2 driven global warming.

To download the xls files, look here.

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