German offshore plans… John Bennetts comment

I am a regular reader of this on-line paper (registration is free). It has a lot of interesting articles, many albeit tinted by the usual Euro-enviropolitics green glasses, but others more sober. The comments following the articles are often excellent, and many clearly show more common-sense than the utopian plans presented.

The latest issue of EER has a report on a Hamburg meeting discussing German offshore wind energy politics. Reader John Bennetts wrote what I consider an excellent comment. I just will copy here two sentences:

“It is becoming clearer every month that the costs of adopting irrational populist energy “solutions” are mounting exponentially. Even an economic powerhouse such as Germany must, at some point, step back and consider where their money can best be spent and how much environmental degradation is allowable.”

“The root cause of all of this is the incomprehensible decision [to build a total of 25000 MW offshore wind capacity] made by Merkel and others to adopt an irrational, emotional view of power generation and to shut down the best non-carbon energy sources available. This goes beyond madness. It is suicide on a grand scale. It is physically suicidal because these other energy sources are less safe than nuclear power – the statistics are clear, and thus will certainly cost more German lives than the previous energy mix. It is also figuratively suicidal because of the economic and environmental harm which this policy has already caused and will continue to cause at an accelerating rate.”

Read the report with the comments here.

And I recommend making the free registration to EER.


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