Dossier ozone 2012

Le G.D. de Luxembourg connaissait quelques pics d’ozone au sol durant la période du 25 au 27 juillet 2012. J’ai fait une étude de cette situation, analysant l’évolution des trois gaz ozone, NO2 et NO mesurés sur 5 stations de mesure.  Cette analyse conduit à se poser un certain nombre de questions sur les taux biogènes de VOC , le choix des stations de référence et l’efficacité des restrictions de vitesse.

Le rapport (PDF) est ici. (en français).

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Approx. English translation:

Luxembourg had three days of high ground ozone concentrations from the 25 to 27th July 2012. I made a short study on the time evolution of ozone, NO2 and NO measured at 5 stations. Several questions become important to ask as:  is the importance of biogenic VOCs in creating the highest ozone concentrations in rural stations recognized by the authorities? Are speed restrictions on the motorways efficient in reducing local ozone concentrations?

The report (in French) can be found here. (sorry, no English translation available for the moment)

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2 Responses to “Dossier ozone 2012”

  1. Dewey Says:

    Where did u actually get the concepts to post ““Dossier ozone
    2012 meteoLCD Weblog”? Thank you ,Hermelinda

    • fmassen Says:

      I prepared this report because every year I muse on the adequacy of the imposed traffic restrictions; a member of the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies asked me to give him an overall view of the problem, so I wrote this report (free of charge!)

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