Rio+20: The real enemy is humanity itself

There is an excellent article by Ben Pile on spiked-online on the coming RIO meeting, and the questions of sustainability and the Neo-Malthusians.

“Sustainability” is one of the Orwellian new-speak words that have lost any meaning and are used as a quasi mandatory poster to about everything. Here in Luxembourg we have for example a Ministry of Public Works and Sustainability. Why add this (superfluous) catch word when it should be evident that a Ministry that works well will follow guidelines of environmentally intelligent design?

Ben Pile writes some very clear words:

“Forty years on, and those predictions of doom have not been borne out. The average life expectancy of a human has increased by 10 years, and the number of infants dying before their fifth birthday has fallen from 134 per thousand to 58. Thus, the human population has nearly doubled, and global GDP has risen threefold. There are more of us, we are healthier, wealthier and better fed. There is vast disparity between what the advocates of political environmentalism have claimed and reality.”

“It’s not for you or I to decide what ‘the future we want’ will look like by participating in democratic processes. Instead, ‘world leaders’ from governments, businesses and NGO’s are to decide it for us.”

“The idea that there are too many people, or that the natural world is so fragile that these things are too difficult for normal, democratic politics to deliver, flies in the face of facts.”

Anyone using the word “sustainability” in his speeches or writings should read this extraordinary essay, which clearly shows that there is a real danger that unaccountable, never democratic elected groups like many NGO’s are on the way to prepare a future where freedom resonates like  a four letter  word. Bye bye 1789 !

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One Response to “Rio+20: The real enemy is humanity itself”

  1. Gnarum Says:

    All you said is so true.
    Ben Pile´s article has to be an interesting reading. Leaders and politicians should read it so when they speak, their words are not empty

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