Climate Coup

Most books on climate usually recap the same well-worn paths: paleo-climate, greenhouse gases, global climate change, extreme weather events, potential future catastrophes etc… This is true as well for the alarmists as the realists writing, the difference being that the first insist on potential dangers and urge for rapid live style changes, the second stressing the natural climate variability, the poor quality of data and models and the financial rewards that can be expected from spreading climate fear.

Patrick Michaels is the editor of a book that concentrates mostly on the political questions,  as stated in the sub-title “Global warming’s invasion of our government and our lives”.  So you find in 8 chapters written by 8 different authors (Michaels being one of them) only a few graphs, no calculations and no physics.

Pat Michaels is a former state climatologist and president of the American Association of State Climatologists, an ex-research professor of the University of Virginia, a fellow of the Cato Institute and the author of  “The Satanic Gases” and “Climate of Extremes“. He is also the author of the well known and excellent World Climate Report, one of the oldest blogs on global climate problems.

The authors of this book are climate realists, and, as typical for more conservative Americans, people who see with suspicion Big Government expanding its reach into matters that they think should remain in the hands of more local organizations. This anger in loosing freedom to decide to state organizations like the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) pervades all the chapters. A second Leitmotif is that vast numbers of organizations, political, environmental, academic, military and industrial have developed a big interest in keeping the climate change fear alive. Many of them thrive (and survive) by keeping public subsidies flowing, hiding the fact that this money ultimately comes from the taxpayer and is lost for other means.

Every chapter of the book begins with a short comment by P. Michaels, summarizing the salient features. For instance he concludes this summary of the first chapter by Pilon & Turgeon “The Executive State Tackles Global Warming” by:  “The result is rule by unelected, largely unaccountable bureaucratic “experts” making decisions that in the end are often value-laden and political.”

Here the list of all authors, from chapter 1 to chapter 8:  Roger Pilon &Evan Turgeon, Patrick Michaels, Ross McKitrick,Ivan Eland, Sallie James, Indur M. Goklany, Robert E. Davis, Neal McCluskey.

Mc Kitrick (successful crusader with Steve McIntyre against the foolish Hockeystick paper) writes a hair-raising story on the peer review process, which shows that scientific integrity is in bad shape in the world of politically correct climate science.

A highly recommended book!

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