Europhysicsnews (epn) has in volume 41,  number 3, an interesting article by Zoran Knezevic (from the Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade):  “Milutin Milankovic and the astronomical theory of climate change”.

This is a very short and sober article, starting with the history how the notion of Ice Ages has developed. He than gives a short biography of Milankovic, who was the first Serb receiving a PhD in technical sciences. The author than explains the Milankovic cycles. I liked this sentence: “Milankovic’s theory was the first of its kind that could be confronted with the evodence from other sciences and verified through independent research.”

If only current climatologist could adhere to that philosophy and make the independent research possible by not hiding their raw data!

The scanned text of the article is here.

PS:  I am very busy for the moment, and apologize to the reader(s) of this blog for the long delay since the last post.

2 Responses to “Milutin MILANKOVIC”

  1. Eduardo Says:

    Hi, Francis!

    Back home I am posting a few hours from now a report on my visit to your wonderful lab and the beautiful school were you work. The link will be: , with lots of pictures. Alas, it is in Spanish. I will translate it later into English and publish it in our English version of our website.

    It was a real pleasure to meet you at Diekirch!

    Regards, Eduardo Ferreyra

  2. fmassen Says:

    Thanks Eduardo, the pleasure was mine. I had a very agreeable and interesting morning discussing things with you.
    I think the correct link of your report is:

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