The Real Global Warming Disaster

Some times ago I read with great pleasure the book “Scared to Death” written by R. North an C. Booker; in this book a lot of scares were studied, and Global Warming was just one among many. Now Booker, who is a regular contributor to “The Sunday Telegraph” concentrates on the big climate scare. He writes a very agreeable English, with polished sentences, and makes reading the  book (368 pages) a delight. The book is a chronology starting in 1972 and stopping just before the Climategate scandal. But even if this latter is missing, it makes exciting reading. I especially admire Booker when he tells us how blindly, puerile and naive politicians and enviro-groups embark on grandiose “green energy” schemes; they are incapable to make a simple computation showing that these schemes are impossible to realize in the proposed magnitude and short time spans (wind energy in the UK is a prime candidate).

Every chapter closes by very extensive references.

I think the book was somewhat rushed into print, as there are a couple of silly blunders (example:  misspelling of Prof. Lindzen name) that a more thorough second reading would have checked. Nevertheless I heartily recommend this book, which takes you for  a thrilling ride through the labyrinth of politicized climatology.

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