Scafetta’s new paper on celestial climate drivers

Dr. Nicola Scafetta from Duke University has written a new important paper (preprint here, not available anymore from arxiv) analyzing the influence of short ( < 100year) celestial periodic drivers on the observed climate changes.  Prominent is the famous 60 years period, that does not appear in the IPCC models, but is well-known as a for instance a feature of the PDO (and that seems present in ancient Chinese and other calendars as well!).
This paper will make splashes among the alarmists, as Dr. Scafetta does not refrain from strong words: “The significant warming of the Earth predicted by the IPCC [2007] and by other AGWT advocates to occur in the following decades is unlikely. In fact, the above findings clearly suggests that the IPCC has used climate models that greatly overestimate the climate sensitivity to anthropogenic GHG increases. Therefore, the IPCC’s projections for the 21st century are not credible.”

Let’s wait for the realclimate guys demolition work!

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