Germany NOT warming since 1750!

chefio has an interesting article (really an eye-opener) on temperature anomalies in Germany since 1750: using only freely available unadjusted (!) NOAA/GHCN data one finds this (I made the graph done from a table of all german thermometers available given by chefio):

The blue trend line shows a cooling of approx. 0.25 °C, and the red trend line says that the change rate of the yearly anomaly is flat! This should be quite a shock to many german (and luxembourg) environmentalists !

Well, Germany is not the World; but I remember well that “Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen”; so despite having had one of the most important  industrialization in the world,  this human impact does not show up as a warming! Really shocking! Quick, let’s do some good felt homogenizing to correct this inconvenience.

One Response to “Germany NOT warming since 1750!”

  1. Environmental Data Says:

    Good article! You can track all kinds of global warming statistics on our site.

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