The Hockey Stick Illusion

I am very busy working on the Computarium attic so the investigations on a possible solar dimming  during the last years must be given a temporary break.  Suffice to say that I received a complete set of data from Carpentras (France) and that I searched the weatherstation of the Luxembourg ASTA organisations. The latter have what seems very poor pyranometer readings with frequent outliers as 14 Wm-2 during the night or 1300 Wm-2 during daytime, so I am not sure if this source will yield anything useful.

I managed to start reading the book of A.W Montford (better known as the blogger behind the Bishop Hill blog). It makes very interesting reading, and it is written in a agreeable “non-academic” prose.  To be recommended!

Update 13 March 2010:

Read this article The case against the hockey stick by Matt Ridley in Prospect: “Andrew Montford’s The Hockey Stick Illusion is one of the best science books in years”.
Having finished this outstanding and thrilling book, I agree.

2 Responses to “The Hockey Stick Illusion”

  1. Lex Says:

    … just to put the debate back into perspective:

  2. Francis Massen Says:

    Lex, I always marvel why comments by climate consensualists are very often made by a group (in this example you are linking to, a group of three; or look at the “big” responses in, in contrast to more skeptic claims usually written by an individual. Are the foundations of the climate alarmists so shaky that at least a triumvirat is needed for stabilizing? The book of Montford is in my opinion rather sober in it’s tone, not aggressive, not arrogant, and tries to stick to the facts. These are all what’s needed to put the Hockeystick into perspective!

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