Copenhagen cop15: R.I.P.

Now that the Copenhagen circus is over, and ended in a difficult to hide chaos, more and more interesting news are emerging:

1. The IPCC chairman R. Pachauri had (and has) numerous links to companies and organisations profiting from the GW scare:  read this Telegraph article! Among others, Lord Monckton was instrumental in bringing these well-hidden links to the open.


William Connolley (a funding member of the realclimate team) has been known for a long time as an eager Wikipedia administrator, who changed/edited/deleted everything dealing with AGW so to impose his opinion. According to L. Solomon he created/changed more than 5200 Wikipedia articles. Read also another, older  L. Solomon article in the Nationalpost newspaper on this. A short comment by D. Maxeiner tells us that Connolley has been stripped  of his administrator status in Sep. 2009 for “misusing his privileges”, and coins the new word “Wikipediagate”.

Connolleys behaviour is one example more of the arrogance of a band of climate-studying scientists, who are unable to handle the scientific discourse in a decent manner.  In truly Lyssenko-type manner, every opinion differing from their’s should not be allowed.

PS:  See here that W. Connolley ran again for a seat at the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee, but he didn’t make it. He was the candidate with a very large number of  opposing votes. So it will be interesting to watch if the Wikipedia climate pages will become more balanced.


Now that cop15 is over, I wish that the extraordinary sums devoted to climate-change will be cut down to a reasonable amount, and that more efforts will be put on the energy problems. Future clean, affordable and reliable energy is the BIG global problem. What we need, are multiple and lasting crash efforts in this domain. The planet does not need one million alarmist climate scientists; in my opinion a couple of thousand good ones will suffice. Nor do we need hugely expensive and opaque mafiosi-type cap-and-trade politics trying to solve what seems to be a minor problem (or not a problem at all), and upping energy prices to sky-high levels.  The planet will not be saved (accepting that there is “peril dans la demeure”) if most of the western people will be made energy poor by extravagant political decisions.

Read also this good comment by D. Maxeiner in Die Welt.

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