Klima2009 on-line conference


Ernst-Georg Beck (Beck is  a specialist on historical CO2 measurements, see here) and I submitted a paper for this conference. Only 100 submitted papers were accepted after a thorough peer review. Ours was among them. Its title is : “Accurate estimation of CO2 background measurements at non-mixed environments”. Basically it describes the (very simple!) CO2 versus wind speed method to estimate what would be the well mixed CO2 level if wind speed was infinite. I first introduced this method in Feb. 2007 in an on-line paper here. E-G Beck immediately noticed that the procedure could be applied to validate historic CO2 measurements (which are usually rejected because the conditions of measurements are thought unknown or non-adequate).

Today on the 2nd day of this conference, our paper counts by far the highest number of visitors (454 at 15:30 UTC), much to our surprise. The nearest “competitor” (an excellent paper on “lousy” models) has 246 hits. Maybe it helped that our paper was  mentioned for a short time on http://www.junkscience.com.


The full text is here.

07Nov09, end of conference:

Our paper has been the most read of the 103 papers presented and received the “Best Paper Award“!


Number of visitors:

20 Dec 09:   3215 visitors

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