UNEP Climate Change Science 2009 compendium


I just started reading this blockbuster, conveniently released to massage minds and folks before the Copenhagen meeting.
This is not a scientific opus. Let me give just one example: the caption of the figure 1.1. “The Greenhouse effect” says this: “Solar ultraviolet radiation is absorbed by the Earth’s surface, causing the Earth to warm and emitting infrared radiation…” So the visible part and near-infrared-part of the solar spectrum do not have any influence? Block UV radiation (above 290nm, as UVC is stopped anyway by the atmosphere) with a sheet of glass or plastic, and hoopla… the Earth will not warm anymore and not emit nasty infrareds that are swallowed by still nastier greenhouse gases!
Look also here for a discussion on a CO2/Temperature graph,  piecewise  spliced together and finishing conveniently at 2000 without being obliged to show the flat 21st century temperature curve.

BTW I wonder why this lavishly report has pictures and figures which seem to have been scanned by a neophyte and imported as very fuzzy illustrations.

(to be continued…)

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