BAMS: State of the Climate 2008


The AMS (American Meteorological Society) has a supplement in it’s August 2009 (Vol.90, issue 8) online journal. This supplement by Peterson & Baringer is freely available as a big 64 MB PDF-file. This has to be loudly applauded, in a time where many papers are paywalled.
The supplement is well done, and contains liberal web-links to the original data sources. As usual, one may disagree with some chapters, findings or hypothesis. But it seems at a first glance, that “inconvenient” results are not silenced. For instance the chapter on SST correctly relates that the 2007/2008  SST was much cooler than during the 2002-2006; the corresponding figure showing the World Ocean heat content does not use dirty tricks to hide the practically unchanging SST from 2005 on. Interestingly the subpolar North Atlantic, Labrador and Irminger Seas are cooling down (which would explain the ongoing recovery of the Arctic sea ice extent). I really recommend to download this BAMS supplement.

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