Douglass/Knox: Ocean heat content and Earth’s radiation imbalance


This new paper (accessible through a paywall at ScienceDirect) by David H. Douglass and Robert S. Knox makes for a fascinating reading. It is well written, easy to understand and documents essentially two important happenings:

1. The climate system has been cooling since at least 2003, as documented by the  changes in ocean heat content (OHC) measured by the Argos floats, and the balance of the top of atmosphere (TOA) radiation measured by the CERES satellite flown instrument. Real data differ once more heavily from the model-derived numbers of J. Hansen and the IPCC:


The radiative imbalance is negative, i.e. the climate system is now loosing energy despite rising atmospheric CO2 levels! Compare these observational values with the  “concensus” large positive ones quoted a million-times in the media and by the alarmists!

2. The climate system swings rapidly between different states (of positive and negative radiative imbalance). These oscillations seem to be closely coupled to those of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), a fact mentioned since a couple of years by many authors (like Joe d’Aleo and Matt Vooro of ICECAP).


As the PDO is not dependent on any greenhouse gas concentrations, this is yet another nail in the coffin of the exclusive anthropogenic climate change ideology.

It is also a warning of prophecies concerning the climate evolution based mainly on the emissions of GHG’s!

4 Responses to “Douglass/Knox: Ocean heat content and Earth’s radiation imbalance”

  1. Eric Says:

    I wonder if the corrections to the Argo data are contained in the data set the paper uses. The idea that ocean heat has gone down is no longer valid once the new corrections are included.

    I don’t understand the references to the PDO and heat content. The PDO warm phase is actually a misnomer. What is warmer is the sea off the coast of North America. The bulk of the Pacific is actually cooler than normal during the so called warm phase. The PDO is a good predictor of overall climatic conditions in North America, but the warm phase does not result in overall global warming based on sea surface temperatures.

  2. Dan L. Says:

    If the conclusions of this paper are correct, the modern scientific theories of the absorptive/radiatiive properties of CO2 are wrong. Indeed, it means some basic principles of physics itself are wrong.

    Pardon me for being doubtful that this is the case. It will be interesting to see how well this paper survives the scrutiny of the scientific world at large.

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    […] Douglass/Knox: Ocean heat content and Earth’s radiation imbalance August 2009 2 comments […]

  4. Our dud Climate Commission | climatenonconformist Says:

    […] otherwise we have seen no statistically significant cooling since 1995. The oceans are not warming (Douglass and Knox 2009) and have been losing heat since 2003. Yes sea levels are rising, but the rate is reducing as noted […]

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