Debate organized by Mensa 25th Sep. 2008

The Luxembourg Mensa section organized a discussion round on climate change with the MP Marcel Oberweis, the member of European parlement Claude Turmes and myself. The discussion were moderated by Georges Weyer from Mensa, who had a difficult job to keep the talks on the rails. As I feared, climate and energy discussions very soon become entangled in an awfull manner. I had problems just showing that the IPCC consensus should not be considered as a holy bible, and that there are many points in climate science where views are diverse. My two partners rehearsed the usual clichées (2500 scientists can not be wrong, hurricanes are increasing, glaciers are melting and the poor people from Tuvalu are drowning). They were absolutely not aware that global temperature (if we take them as a meaningful metric) are flat since at least 6 years, and were absolutely ignorant on items like the Copenhague Consensus. M. Oberweis adopts a highly moralizing point of view, Claude Turmes, a better talker in my opinion, has a strict green anti-nuclear, only-renewables-can-save-us position.

I spent the day and night before in the hospital to get a kidney stone removed, so maybe this also was a hindrance. I think in these discussions, talking time should be severely limited, and each party should expose his view on a subject, before switching to the next one.

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